The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas seeks an eclectic mix of authentic people – people who are out to change the game and bring their whole selves to work every day. A diverse and versatile community of independent spirits and unique talents, we are redefining the way you think about work.

Here you can learn more about our people and culture as well as explore the opportunities we offer. If this sounds like the place for you, let us know.

To start with, let's change the way we talk about employment.

And, let’s start by not using the word employment. It’s not how we think about what we do. The same goes for ‘jobs’ and ‘application process.’ We believe getting to know great people is an art not a process, so we like to call it Talent Engagement.

Why the word engagement? To us, being engaged means being passionate and proud, proud of what you are building and proud of the team you are doing it with.

Introducing the next big thing in Vegas hospitality: You

The Cosmopolitan has a passion for possibility. We challenge ourselves to lead culture, not reflect it. Our people demonstrate ambition and courage; they create opportunity and bring their distinctive spirit and enthusiasm to everything they do.

So whether you’re a dealer who loves to perform or a chef with a passion for world-class cuisine, what we want from you is simply you.

This is a place where you can make a difference. Most importantly, this is a place where you can truly belong.