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With Identity Membership, you can earn and redeem Identity Points for almost every experience at The Cosmopolitan including hotel stays, dining, shopping, gaming and spa visits. Those points can also be transferred to Marriott Rewards® which can be redeemed at nearly 3,800 Marriott locations in over 70 countries around the world. And, members of Marriott Rewards® can also exchange their points into Identity Points* to be used everywhere at the resort.

Better Benefits

With enhanced benefits for every tier, such as complimentary stays, point multipliers, concert tickets and more, Identity Members can discover and enjoy every aspect of our resort.

New Tier

Our newest tier, Sterling, offers you new opportunities to earn, redeem and receive even more exclusive benefits.

*Marriott Rewards® Points that are transferred to Identity Points cannot be used toward tier progression in either Identity Membership or Marriott Reward® Membership.