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We feel that the resort’s collection of restaurants brings an exciting new sophistication to Las Vegas.

Acclaimed chef and restaurateur Costas Spiliadis opened Estiatorio Milos at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in December 2010. Touted as pioneering North America’s Hellenic food scene by introducing high-end food from the islands of Greece, Estiatorio Milos has a longstanding reputation for serving the freshest, most pristine imported Mediterranean seafood daily in New York City and Montreal.

“My family and I are thrilled to be involved in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and to open the first Greek restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip,” says Spiliadis. “With our esteemed partners, we feel that the resort’s collection of restaurants brings an exciting new sophistication to Las Vegas.”

Milos promises to bring a real taste of Greece to Las Vegas, sparing no effort to find the freshest, most delicious fish from around the world, then preparing them in the subtlest, most flavorful way. Costas Spiliadis restaurants show a great commitment to the sourcing of quality ingredients. For over thirty years, he has cultivated relationships with fishermen in and around the Greek Islands to provide his restaurants with the highest quality catch. Costas Spiliadis’ restaurant menus list the provenance of each fish – from Greek red mullet to Agadir anchovies, Tunisian octopus to Mediterranean langoustines. For diners with a palette for sweets, Spiliadis drizzles Kythira thyme honey over thick, fresh goat’s milk yogurt, impressing even the world’s most jaded diners. The sprawling space designed by Jeffrey Beers International will showcase the impeccable service and welcoming spirit that has made the Spiliadis family famous.

Costas Spiliadis biography is fascinating. He first arrived in New York in 1969 from his native Patras, a port city near the ancient Greek village of Olympia, in the Peloponnese. It was there that he learned his passion for home cooking from his mother. After studying sociology at both New York University and the University of Maryland he made his way to Montreal to study at Concordia University, where upon graduation, he became a social activist and cofounder of Radio Centreville, Montreal's first non-profit radio station. Issues of community and culture have always captivated Spiliadis, playing major roles in his approach as a restaurateur.

In 1979, he opened Filoxenia, a lively boîte à chansons, in Montreal, dedicated to the beautiful and haunting music and poetry of Greece. Many of Canada’s greatest musicians starred on its stage. Spiliadis then opened Estiatorio Milos in the space upstairs from Filoxenia. This Costas Spiliadis restaurant soon established itself as one of the city’s most influential dining destinations, introducing Montrealers to new tastes and culinary experiences. For this landmark Montreal restaurant, Spiliadis drove twice a week to New York’s Fulton Street Fish Market to ensure he was getting the world’s best catch. In 1997, when he opened Estiatorio Milos in Manhattan, Spiliadis hired eight Greek fishermen on the island of Kythira to cast their lines into the Mediterranean every midnight to provide the freshest red mullet and dorade for clients of Estiatorio Milos in New York City. Spiliadis’ vision came full circle when in 2004, Estiatorio Milos opened in Athens, to coincide with the Winter Olympics in Greece. In 2010, the Spiliadis family opened a retail boutique called Marketa near their restaurant in Manhattan. The small but elegant storefront sells Milos' house extra virgin olive oil, honeys, yogurt, cheeses and other imported and prepared foods.

With roots in music, community radio and cuisine, Costas Spiliadis has become an ambassador of culture. He views his restaurants both as exquisite dining destinations and cultural beacons. Montreal’s Milos is a lieu for poetry readings, art exhibitions and musical performances. Spiliadis lends his time to a number of charities and serves on the board of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and has been a guiding spirit behind concert tours by legendary Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis and other noted performances.



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