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Due to inclement weather impacting travel, the Flogging Molly concert scheduled for Friday, March 15 is rescheduled for Friday, April 5. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled show, a refund is available by contacting your original point of purchase.

with Face to Face and Matt Heckler

Flogging Molly

The social and political awareness that drives Flogging Molly's music is never more prominent than in their 2017 release Life is Good—a strikingly powerful album and it arrives at a strikingly key time. The sixth studio album by the renowned Celtic-punk rockers now in their 20th year is mature, well crafted, equally polished and almost aggressively topical. It is filled with rousing songs that are timeless in their sentiment, but directly related to today's most pressing concerns: politics, the economy, unemployment, planned boomtowns gone bust, immigration policies gone awry, and much more.

The message is delivered and built on the backs of boisterous and barreling live touring. "We're known for our live shows," says singer and lyricist, Dave King. "Writing albums has always been a vehicle for us—it’s been a means to get people onto the dance floor. And that's kind of the way we've always approached it, no matter what. The one thing we are is a positive band," adds King. "When people come and see our shows, it's a celebration—of life, of the good and of the bad. And we have to take the good and the bad for it to be a life."

Matt Heckler

Matt Heckler is the fiddle player you want to believe still exists. Veering from Appalachia to Romania, Ireland to the Catskills, his music is definitively unsafe and entirely his own.
The Catskills, where he grew up, and the Carolina Appalachians where calls home, are old mountains, but the kids there are more likely to be raised on punk than old time string bands. Heckler took both with him when he left and sharpened a distinctive sound on banjo and fiddle the scientific way, as a street performer who could measure the days artistic growth in single dollar bills. Attracting the attention of musicians, as well as passers-by, he spent half a decade touring and releasing three albums with the band Deep Chatham.

Since then his room silencing solo act has become an exciting yet poorly kept secret in DIY music scenes around the country. After The Flood will be his first full-length release showcasing a songwriting ability that audiences, distracted by his casually virtuosic musicianship, might have previously overlooked. Don’t wait for his next reinvention, find Matt Heckler now and remember what music should be.

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