OPM at a glance

  • Location

    • OPM Theatre
    • Level 2, The Chelsea Tower
  • Running Time

    75 minutes without intermission.

  • OPM is intended for audiences 18 years of age or older.

  • Tickets

    Tickets start at $99 + taxes/fees

    Tickets can be purchased online, by email, or by calling 702.534.3419.

OPM Tickets


Welcome aboard the Starship OPM for your nonstop, warp-speed flight to Uranus. Join us in our showroom for the best in-flight entertainment in space provided by the greatest stars from across the galaxy. With gravity-defying acrobatics, breathtaking acts of celestial beauty and hilarious mayhem, OPM goes where no show has gone before. Your gorgeous host is Andromeda, the glitchiest, most sex-starved android since Wall-E. Before or after the show, venture into the all-senses overloaded dining experience in Superfrico at OPM. Or during the show, our flight attendants will happily deliver cocktails, pizza, ice-cream and oxygen direct to your seat. Fasten your seat-belts. It’s going to be a mind-blowing night!

Book your flight to journey on this hilarious, sexy space-themed carnival of wonders to witness the most exciting, daring acts in the galaxy!

Performance Schedule

  • Monday & Tuesday | Dark
  • Wednesday - Sunday | 7PM & 9PM
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