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Pok Pok Wing

Pok Pok Wing at a glance

Pok Pok Wing is the Portland-spawned creation of James Beard award-winning Chef Andy Ricker

With accolades and a serious cult following that includes influential foodies Anthony Bourdain and Guy Fieri, Pok Pok Wing’s menu features its most widely addictive and popular dish, Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings. Sealed in a sweet, sticky glaze with crispy, delectable bites of caramelized garlic, Ricker has built a national empire on curating the perfect texture and flavor, hitting guest’s every taste bud with notes of salt, spice and sweet. Also available on the menu is Pok Pok Wing’s refreshing Som Soda, a fizzy, sweet and tart elixir made with Pok Pok Som drinking vinegars in refreshing flavors such as ginger, Thai basil, grapefruit, and turmeric.

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