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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas


Create a Path to Balance, Clarity and Calm

A signature and unforgettable experience of luxury… an enriching journey of awakening and renewal.

Our ritual space is a modern homage to a sensual, centuries-old practice of purification. A ritual of heat and renewal, it combines body detoxification, steam treatments, and a cooling bath, all conducted in an atmosphere of deep, grounding warmth. Guests often conclude a hammam treatment with a full-body massage.

The hammam room contains the heated motherstone slab, two whirlpools, steam rooms, and stone loungers. It can be used privately or with up to three people.


  • 130 minutes$480

Be transported to exotic Marrakesh and treat yourself to our most decadent ritual. Start by unwinding in privacy while you indulge in the radiant heat of the Hammam. Enjoy a luxurious cleansing experience with black neroli soap followed by a dual exfoliation, which includes a traditional kese mitt body buffing and soothing shea butter bamboo scrub. Receive the detoxifying benefits of a rhassoul mud masque and moisturize with a Kalahari melon hydrator. Throughout the experience, guests will bask in our eucalyptus steam room and relax while immersed in a large soaking tub. Emerge radiant and renewed with a full-body Sahra Signature Massage


  • 80 Minutes$300

A sensual and fragrant ritual of heat, steam, detoxification, and relaxation. Eleven flower oils and fruit essences are bestowed upon the body, including Red Flower’s Coffee Lemon Blossom Olive Stone Scrub. Each level of this experience releases an intense, redolent scent along with therapeutic healing properties. You begin by lying on the warm stone, and are given time to bask in the heat of the stone surface and the air that surrounds you. Basins of water are then poured over the body, emulating relaxing waves that cleanse the skin. A vigorous scrub is followed by the application of purifying Jasmine Rose Rhassoul Clay and Cardamom Amber Oil.


  • 50 Minutes$185

Inspired by the bathing rituals performed in Turkish hammams, this escape into your own senses is pure, bubbled bliss. A luxurious body buff using a traditional Turkish Kese Mitt prepares your skin for hydrating suds that awaken every cell of your body. A detoxifying steam and quenching Tangerine Fig Butter moisturizer top off this authentic experience.

“On my goodness! Hammammmmmmm is the way to go!"”
– Melanie J., Yelp
“Perhaps the most sensual and nurturing spa service ever. We got the Hammam for two - worth every penny!!"
– Nina S., Yelp