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Points and Benefits

  • You’ll earn Identity Points on most slot machines and with all eligible hotel stays, restaurants, spa, salon, retail, and nightclub purchases. Your purchases will be credited to your Identity account—just charge to your room, or show your Identity card when making a purchase. To earn points when playing slots or video poker, just insert your Identity card into the slot machine.

  • Earn five Identity Points for every $1.00 spent on non-gaming activities, and one Identity Point for every $2.50 wagered on reel slots and every $6.00 wagered on video poker machines. As you progress, you’ll earn even more—Sterling and Gold members earn double Identity Points on slots, Platinum members earn triple.

  • The choice is yours. Use your Identity Points (worth $0.01 each) for resort credit toward any purchase—just show your card and say, “I want to pay with Identity Points.” Or use points that you earned on slots for Identity Play on eligible slot machines.

  • Identity Play is complimentary slot play on eligible slot machine and video poker. The Identity Points you earn from slot play and video poker may be used for Identity Play. To play on us, insert your card into the slot machine and convert your points into Identity Play.

  • If you signed up for Identity online or haven’t been to the resort, visit the Identity Desk with your ID to complete enrollment and get your card. If you need a replacement card, we can print one for you at the Identity Desk. (Or ask any casino staff, and we'll print one for you while you play the slots or enjoy a table game.)

  • Identity Points aren’t earned with table play, but Identity members can earn tier status, promotional offers, and comps at the table because your play is rated—so always show your Identity card to the dealer when sitting at a table.

  • Identity Points expire only if your account is inactive for twelve months—just come back at least once every year and they’ll never go dark.

  • Identity members who reside in the same household may link their accounts and spend from their shared pool of Identity Points. (Linking accounts does not share tier points or tier status—only Identity Points.) Stop by the Identity Desk with both members present to link your accounts.

  • Your Identity card may be used only by you. Any purchase made by someone else cannot be credited to your Identity account—but they are certainly welcomed to join Identity themselves.

  • An offer may be used only by the Identity member who earned it. It can’t be transferred to or redeemed by anyone else.

  • Our apologies. We can correct the mistake within 90 days of the transaction—just bring a paid receipt to the Identity Desk, or email it to us. Points may take up to 24 hours after settlement to appear on your account. If you need additional help, call Identity Membership & Rewards at 702.698.7280.

  • Gold and Platinum Identity members receive complimentary valet parking. Upon arrival, the valet attendant will scan your Identity card, and your complimentary valet parking benefit will automatically be applied. Upon departure, stop at the self-service kiosk or valet booth to present your Identity card and valet ticket.

    Note that our parking systems may take up to 24 hours to recognize your new benefits once you achieve a new tier status. Complimentary valet parking for Gold and Platinum members is valid during special events but is limited to one vehicle at a time.


  • Identity Points are your total earnings and can be used for resort spend or Identity Play. Identity Points earned on non-gaming spend are also considered tier points, which are used to calculate your tier status maintenance (Sterling, Gold, Platinum) and tier progression. Only tier points earned in the last 365 days count toward your tier status.

  • The same way you earn Identity Points—except slot multipliers for Sterling, Gold, and Platinum members don’t count toward your tier status maintenance or tier progression. For example: A player without slot multipliers will earn 1 Identity Point for every $2.50 spent on a reel slot machine—it’s also considered to be a tier point. If a player is earning 2X points, they will receive 2 Identity Points for every $2.50 spent, but only 1 point is considered to be a tier point. A guest who spends $100 in food and beverage or at the spa will earn 500 Identity Points—all of those points are considered to be tier points.

  • You progress to the next tier when you’ve earned enough tier points over the previous 365 days (4,000 tier points for Sterling, 20,000 tier points for Gold, 50,000 tier points for Platinum).

  • You’ll maintain your tier status for 365 days after achieving it—unless, of course, you earn enough points to progress to the next tier.


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