Parking at The Cosmopolitan

Convenient valet and self-parking are available on-property 24 hours a day at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Parking fees apply as described below.

Valet Parking Rates

  • Identity Members: Valet parking is complimentary for Gold status or higher, subject to availability. Must have Identity card present.
  • 0-4 hours: $13
  • 4-24 hours: $18
  • 24+ hours: $18 per day (or additional portion thereof)

Self-Parking Rates

  • Identity Members: Self-parking is complimentary for Sterling status or higher, subject to availability. Must have Identity card present.
  • 0-1 hour: Complimentary
  • 1-4 hours: $7
  • 4-24 hours: $10
  • 24+ hours: $10 per day (or additional portion thereof)
  • Motorcycles and two-wheeled vehicles: Exempt from parking fees

Pay-on-foot kiosks are located on each level of the parking garage near the elevator banks on both sides of the resort. Cash and credit cards are accepted on garage levels B2 and B3. Credit cards are accepted on B4 and B5. Rates are subject to change.

Concerts & Special Events

During events and peak periods on The Las Vegas Strip (such as concerts or holidays like New Year’s Eve), special pricing may apply to ensure The Cosmopolitan’s guests have sufficient access to parking. Generally, event pricing is in effect from 4 – 11PM. Identity Members and registered hotel guests are not subject to event pricing.

General Parking Information

How do I access your self-parking garage?

The Cosmopolitan's underground self-parking garage is located directly beneath the resort. It can be accessed on the south side of the hotel from Harmon Avenue via the main entrance (this is also where valet drop-off is located), or on the north side from Las Vegas Boulevard.

Are there any discounts available for locals, AAA members, or the military?

Not at this time.

Are there any discounts available for Marriott Rewards members?

Not at this time.

How long after achieving Sterling or Gold status must I wait before using the Identity Membership & Rewards complimentary parking benefit?

Typically, 24 hours.

Do parking fees count towards my Identity experiential spend? Will I receive points for my parking charges?

Yes. Charges made to your room will be automatically applied. For all others, please present your receipt at the Identity Membership & Rewards Desk.

I’m a Sterling Identity Member. How do I redeem my complimentary self-parking benefit?

You must have your Identity card with you to receive your complimentary self-parking parking benefit.

I'm staying at the resort. Do I have to pay for parking every time I leave the property?

Registered hotel guests who pay the 24-hour self-parking fee will have in-and-out privileges. Non-hotel guests will be charged for each individual use of the self-park facility.

What happens if I lose my self-parking ticket?

When exiting the garage, guests can press the call button on the kiosk to contact parking management. Guests will be charged a lost ticket fee of $30.

Upon check-out, how long will my room key remain active for self-parking?

Until 11:59PM.

How long can I leave my vehicle in self-parking? Are long-term parking rates available?

There is no time limit for how long a guest can leave a vehicle in the parking garage; however, the garage isn’t intended for vehicle storage or to be used in lieu of airport parking. There is no discount for long-term parking or hotel stays. Daily rates apply.

Do you offer validation for large purchases at a restaurant or retail outlet?

Not at this time. Complimentary parking is a benefit for qualified Identity members only.

If renting a car on property, do I have to pay for parking?

Hertz will provide you with a ticket to exit the garage at no charge. Upon return, you will be charged regular parking rates.

Are oversized vehicles charged a higher fee?

No. All vehicles that fit in the garage will be subject to the same rate. The maximum vehicle height allowed in the self-parking garage is 8 ft. 2 in. Parking for larger vehicles can be arranged by out Valet team. Standard valet fees will apply. If you have additional questions, you may contact a member of Valet directly by calling 702.698.6237.

Valet Parking Information

Where is valet drop-off?

The Cosmopolitan's valet parking drop-off location is accessible via the main entrance on the south side of the building off Harmon Avenue.

What happens if a valet ticket is lost?

The valet system registers every car when it arrives. Guests are charged according to daily parking rates; however, there may be a delay in retrieving your vehicle if your ticket is lost.

How long can I leave a car with valet? Is there an extended rate?

There are no reduced rates for extended valet parking. When the vehicle is picked up, guests are charged full valet rates based on the number of days the vehicle was parked.

I’m a registered hotel guest and have paid the overnight valet rate. Will I have to pay again if I return before midnight?

No. Registered hotel guests who have paid the overnight fee will have unlimited in and out privileges for 24 hours, subject to availability.

If I leave and return the same day to valet, will I be charged again?

Yes. Valet service charges are for each visit, with the exception of registered hotel guests, who are charged a daily rate.

I’m a Gold Identity Member. How do I redeem my complimentary valet benefit?

You must have your Identity card with you to receive your complimentary valet parking benefit. Upon arrival, the valet attendant will scan your card, and your complimentary valet parking benefit will automatically be applied. Upon departure, stop at the self-service kiosk or valet booth to present your Identity card and valet ticket.

For questions or additional information regarding parking at The Cosmopolitan, please email us or call 702.698.7000.

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