LPM at a glance

Exquisite harmony on the palate, outrageous harmony in the room.

Experience the Vibrant Mediterranean essence of LPM Restaurant & Bar. Discover a sense of colorful ingredients, art, and shareable experience at, where everyone is invited to be present in the moment. Prepare yourself for a dash of joie de vivre, the unbridled enjoyment of life, inviting guests to indulge in the energetic atmosphere of coastal luxury and cultural richness. With hospitality and culinary roots inspired by the south of France and coastal Italy, LPM has captivated all corners of the map from London to Dubai with it's bright, spontaneous ambiance and unexpected flavor combinations.

Greeted by bold colors and striking art, guests will embark on an adventure through the Riviera with a light, imaginative menu of delicate intensity—a journey exploring the essential joy of Mediterranean ingredients at their peak. Combined with a specialty cocktail menu honoring the life of legendary French artist, writer and bon-vivant, Jean Cocteau, a vibrant indoor-outdoor atmosphere inspired by La Belle Époque and an extensive collection of rosé wines, at LPM Restaurant and Bar, every guest is filled with the sense that something special could happen at any moment. A little daring, a little irreverent and filled with possibility.

Signature dishes

  • Yellowtail Carpaccio | Guacamole & Citrus Dressing
  • Warm Prawns | Olive Oil and Lemon Juice
  • Lamb Cutlets | Marinated with Olive, Aubergine Caviar and Pine Nuts

Cocktail Hour | 5-7PM, Daily

Experience innovative cocktails and a welcoming ambiance that makes every visit unforgettable during cocktail hour from 5-7pm daily, inviting guests to indulge in the vibrant flavors of the Mediterranean. Click here to see the menu.

  • Vibrant Mediterranean Cuisine

    Exquisite harmony on the palate, outrageous harmony in the room.

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