Select from a wide array of refreshing bath experiences designed to ease every muscle

Oils, scrubs, and essences soothe and energize your spirit as you immerse yourself in a deep, cleansing bath.

Red Flower Bathing Ritual

75/100 minutes | $255/$365 (Mon - Thurs) | $265/$375 (Fri - Sun)

Delight in fresher skin and a renewed spirit. Red Flower’s Lemon Coffee Blossom Olive Stone Scrub invigorates while exfoliating inch by inch. Then a soothing soak in the Moroccan Mint Tea Silt Purifier prepares the body to receive a finishing touch of silken hydration of Cardamom Amber Oil and Tangerine Fig Butter.

Algae Detox Bath

75/100 minutes | $255/$365 (Mon - Thurs) | $265/$375 (Fri - Sun)

This invigorating scrub and soak harnesses the natural detoxifying properties of the sea. Allow the mint and rosemary salt glow to exfoliate prior to relaxing in a nutrient rich algae bath. End with a decadent chardonnay body butter application for a perfect finish to your renewal.

Nourishing Bath

75/100 minutes | $255/$365 (Mon - Thurs) | $265/$375 (Fri - Sun)

Fresh milk, honey, and other ingredients create supple, addictively touchable skin. A hydrating mist locks in moisture to complete the experience.

Tension Relief Bath

75/100 minutes | $255/$365 (Mon - Thurs) | $265/$375 (Fri - Sun)

Calm and restore the body with a fusion of blue tansy, frankincense, sage and cedarwood and pure essential oils targeted at sore muscles and tight joints.

Gentlemen's Soak

75/100 minutes | $255/$365 (Mon - Thurs) | $265/$375 (Fri - Sun)

A combination of aromatic pure essential oils have been hand selected to target specific muscle groups commonly found in overworked and athletic gentlemen. Begin with a vigorous salt scrub to buff and condition the skin, followed by a private soak to loosen tight muscles, and completed with an application of muscle relief gel on targeted problem areas.

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