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    Sahra Spa Penthouse Suite

    Our Sahra Spa Penthouse Suite is a spa-made exclusive – private and just as you like it. It can be enjoyed as a luxurious retreat for you alone or shared with your closest friends.

    The suite combines a well-appointed living and entertaining area with private spa accommodations. Relax or celebrate with comfortable plush seating and a wet bar. Enjoy your services in a private treatment area, with two side-by-side whirlpool tubs, a steam room, shower, and changing and vanity areas.

    The Sahra Spa Penthouse Suite offers the ultimate spa experience. You will bypass Sahra’s locker area and take the private VIP elevator to this luxury suite.

  • Sahra Suite massage beds


    Designed for two, our spa suites provide a treatment area including steam shower and deep soaking tub where guests are invited to enjoy a massage, bath or body service side-by-side.

    Learn more about our side-by-side services below (treatment price is per person) or consult with our Spa Concierge to curate your personal experience.

Sahra Desert Aromatherapy

75/100 minutes | $280/$400 (Mon - Thurs) | $295/$420 (Fri - Sun)

Allow the essential oils of the Signature Desert Rose to transform your senses and bring you into a deep state of centered bliss. Rest as a healing desert mist embraces you. Then journey into absolute calm as pure desert-inspired essential oils rain along your feet and spine, bringing you closer to detoxification and renewal. Allow one of our highly trained therapists to soothe away any remaining tension with a harmonizing and personalized bodywork sequence. Discover balance and deep relaxation through this transcendent experience.

Sahra Therapeutic Stone

75/100 minutes | $280/$400 (Mon - Thurs) | $295/$420 (Fri - Sun)

Skilled hands gracefully transition into perfectly warmed smooth stones with this therapy based on native Hawaiian healing principles. Specific tension relief techniques, followed by soothing rhythmic strokes, invite the ultimate combination of release and relaxation.

Mana Lomi

75/100 minutes | $280/$400 (Mon - Thurs) | $295/$420 (Fri - Sun)

Mana Lomi is based on Hawaiian healing concepts of working with the body, mind and spirit. It is hands on healing that is deep and powerful, yet soothing, giving immediate and long-term results. Mana Lomi symbolically means "to communicate energetically deep within the bones of the individual and thus with the soul of the person."


75/100 minutes | $270/$390 (Mon - Thurs) | $285/$410 (Fri - Sun)

Inspired by the very best of the world’s modalities, our signature massage combines Thai, Swedish, and Shiatsu techniques for a one-of-a-kind experience that energizes you for whatever lies ahead.

CBD Restore

75/100 minutes | $290/$400 (Mon - Thurs) | $295/$420 (Fri - Sun)

Relax the nervous system and provide immediate relief to sore muscles, aches and pains with an Essential Massage using broad spectrum CBD oil and targeted pain cream.

Athlete's Massage

75/100 Minutes | $270/$390 (Mon-Thur) | $285/$410 (Fri-Sun)

De-stress and restore the body with a firm to deep tissue massage, fully customizable to your liking. A potent blend of blue tansy, frankincense, cedarwood and sage pure essential oils will relax your body, calm the mind, and transport you to the deepest state of relaxation.


75/100 minutes | $250/$370 (Mon - Thurs) | $265/$390 (Fri - Sun)

Perfectly executed and adapted to your needs, this massage can range from a soothing touch to deep tissue pressure as your body dictates.

Balance & Harmony

75/100 minutes | $260/$380 (Mon - Thurs) | $275/$400 (Fri - Sun)

Achieve relaxation and summon total balance with a unique blend of stone massage and Swedish techniques.

Moonflower Ritual

75/100 minutes | $290/$410 (Mon - Thurs) | $305/$430 (Fri - Sun)

Deeply restore skin depleted by sun or other factors. Jasmine Rose clay envelops the body as a precursor to a relaxing full body massage with Moonflower Oil, encouraging circulation, hydration, and firmer skin.

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