Red Plate at a glance

Red Plate offers an unparalleled dining experience grounded in authentic Chinese flavors

Traditional Chinese technique and preparations present an authentic Cantonese menu with hints of modern inspiration. Menu highlights include an array of carefully selected, signature roasted meats, Chinese hot pot and handmade dim sum.

Signature Dishes

  • Alaskan King Crab | steamed or deep fried with salt and pepper
  • Black Truffle Xiao Lung Bao | traditional Chinese soup dumpling topped with black truffle
  • King Crab Spring Roll | with sliced avocado and spicy aioli sauce
  • Stir Fried Lobster | with lemongrass and Thai Sauce
  • Whole Peking Duck | wrapped in a homemade crepe or stir fried duck Lo Mein with duck fried rice, or traditional preparation in congee
  • Chef Bio: Yip Cheung

    Red Plate’s culinary vision is led by Chef Yip Cheung, an esteemed expert in multi-regional Chinese cuisine. Cheung formerly helmed the kitchen at The Cosmopolitan’s high-end gaming parlor, The Talon Club, where he created specialty dining experiences for the resort’s Far East clientele.

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