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Following the official mandate by Nevada Governor Sisolak, restaurant reservations are required in advance.

Scarpetta Italian Restaurant

The Italian expression, “fare la scarpetta” describes the gesture of taking the little boot-shaped piece of bread to soak up the remaining sauce left in the pot of one’s home kitchen. The restaurant’s name is derived from this familial gesture and represents the indulgent pleasure of savoring a meal down to its very last taste.

The philosophy of Scarpetta’s kitchen is one of creating bold flavors by amplifying the essence of seasonal ingredients. The signature pastas are made in-house daily and are paired with the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients. Scarpetta’s famous Spaghetti Tomato and Basil is classic simplicity in both taste and preparation. With restaurants in Las Vegas, New York City, The Hamptons, Philadelphia, Newport, London and Miami, the understated, yet elegant approach to design creates an environment in every city that is simultaneously chic, welcoming and inspiring.

Signature Dishes

  • Spaghetti | tomato & basil
  • Creamy polenta | fricassee of truffled mushrooms
  • Veal chop "Parmigiano" | tomato, buratta & basil
  • Salted caramel budino | vanilla bean cream, pretzel toffee
  • Scarpetta-Chefs-Table

    The Chef's Table at Scarpetta

    The Chef’s Table at Scarpetta is an immersive private dining experience centered in timeless Italian tradition. Nestled between a spectacular display of glimmering fountains and open view of Scarpetta’s bustling kitchen, the intimate table for up to six invites guests into the warmth of an Italian family gathering. Led by Chef Michael Vitangeli and General Manager Mario Disi, fare and fable intertwine to create an unmatched culinary showcase.

    The evening commences at Scarpetta’s bar with a hand-crafted aperitif and continues beyond the private dining room into the restaurant’s corner pocket. Take your seat at The Chef’s Table and watch as freshly made pasta is expertly crafted from scratch while taking in the fantastic lights of The Las Vegas Strip. A beautiful dance of storytelling and tableside presentation provides a perfect cadence to savor the evening. Share in age-old recipes helmed by the Vitangeli family with courses of antipasti, homemade burrata, Sunday gravy, meatballs, cannolis and other Italian specialties. Toast to an expertly paired bottle of wine and share in the ease of friends gathering.

  • Modern Italian Cuisine

    An earthy yet modern approach to Italian cuisine, Scarpetta serves a soulful menu of seasonally-inspired fare.

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