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    Daily | 5AM - 10PM

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    Level 1, Boulevard Tower

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Starbucks in the heart of The Las Vegas Strip

A traditional Starbucks featuring non-traditional art and scenery. Sip on your favorite coffee drinks, Frappucinos and lattes while overlooking The Las Vegas Strip amidst the first-ever permanent public art installation by renowned French artist and photographer, Georges Rousse.

  • Georges Rousse Public Art Installation in Las Vegas

    The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, in partnership with Starbucks, is proud to present the first-ever permanent public art installation by the renowned French artist and photographer Georges Rousse.

    Georges Rousse is acclaimed for converting empty sites into remarkable visions of color and shape, translating his intuitive readings of space into masterful and complete images. Using the brand-new and empty Starbucks location as his raw material, Rousse transformed the newly designed space into an interactive, public artwork.

    From most vantage points, the result looks fragmented and chaotic. But when experienced from one select vantage point, perspective shifts and the full illusion of the unified installation is revealed. This unique approach of combining painting, architecture and photography results in an unforgettable exhibition that compels viewers to reanalyze their own perceptions of space and reality.

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